Sharing Your 'Big Plan'

Many businesses at this time of the year will be starting to think about what their goals are for 2018 and creating their SBL* Business Plan to identify the critical success factors, metrics and strategies that will make that happen.

However it’s also really important to ensure that every member of the team not only knows the ‘big plan’ but also the part they play in delivering it ie  what they are responsible for.

Alongside their overall Job Description we ensure each member of the team also has a clear Objectives sheet which includes deadlines and deliverables.

Prior to their regular 1:1 I print off two copies of the Objectives sheet and hand one to the individual.  They and I then independently colour code each of the objectives using a coloured highlighter pen:

  • Green – Achieved or on target to be achieved
  • Amber – Behind where it needs to be by now
  • Red – Significantly behind

We start the 1:1 by comparing their self assessment with mine; which invariably presents good subjects to discuss, without it being framed in a confrontational or critical way.  As well as recognising the positives, it also enables us to have a conversation around help or support which is required for those coded Red or Amber.

I write the actions agreed on a copy of the Objective sheet, we both sign it, photograph / scan it and attach to One Note for easy reference next time.

This process has enabled us to make the 1:1 a constructive conversation which all the team are benefitting from.


* SBL (Strategic Business Leadership) is TAB's business plannning tool.