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Create a compelling vision for your organization, achieve greater engagement, establish a thriving culture and have the tools to execute. The outcome? An aligned, focused and accountable team that delivers real results.

Business Diagnostic

In just five minutes, you can see how your business compares against top-performing businesses.

Why StratPro Works

StratPro is a proven business transformation program to create and achieve your strategic vision.

StratPro Workshops

StratPro applies a series of intensive workshops to align your leadership team and transform your business.

StratPro, is a business leadership program that uniquely combines strategy and productivity. Since 1990, TAB has applied our experience working with over 25,000 businesses worldwide into a custom business transformation system.

Turn ideas into reality — and get things done. Designed for busy leaders and their companies, StratPro is a power-packed program that combines expertly facilitated leadership workshops with follow-up sessions dedicated to Execution and Accountability. Combine this with TAB’s exclusive online, Business Builder’s Blueprint, and you’ll have all the tools you need to set a strategic business direction and bring it to life.

StratPro gets to the heart of issues that are holding you back, and unlocks them. No more out of sight/out of mind strategic plans that sit on a shelf. Instead you’ll have an engaged leadership team that embraces the company vision, is fully accountable, and knows exactly how to execute.

StratPro — It’s efficient. It’s effective. And it delivers.

We Wrote the Book on Strategic Business Transformation

Written by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Allen Fishman. StratPro describes the step-by-step process for implementing the StratPro program in your business and how it achieves results.


Using StratPro, you will establish the right strategic direction for your business that your organization will be fully aligned to achieving.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Have you defined exactly where your business is going? Is your entire team excited about this business and working hard each day to achieve it?

Have you achieved a certain level of success but do not feel that your business or organization is reaching its maximum potential?

Is there a clear alignment between your strategy and the accountability necessary for achieving that strategy?

Are things going well now but you’re worried that market or competitive changes will cause a significant setback?

If culture eats strategy, how well-defined and consistently practiced is your culture?

Do you have a good plan but aren’t really sure how to go about getting it implemented?

Are you running your business by looking in the rear-view mirror or do you look ahead using Key Performance Indicators?

StratPro is different from other strategic planning programs because:

Most strategic planning fails due to poor execution. StratPro includes both forward-thinking strategic planning and accountability-driven implementation.
StratPro is not theory – it is a proven program based on real-world experience working with over 25,000 businesses across the globe over the last 30 years
StratPro starts with an “MRI of your business” which identifies gaps in your business and improvement opportunities
StratPro incorporates the industry-leading Business Builder’s Blueprint™ to guide the workshop exercises and the accountability-driven execution of the plan

StratPro Process Overview

What You Can Expect

The entire organization will be working towards a common vision and a common set of goals. That is, the organization will be in alignment. Employees will be more satisfied with their jobs. As a result, they will be more productive. With improved job satisfaction and productivity, the culture of the business will improve. Work will be fun and meaningful again – for everyone. The leadership team will experience less stress and find a renewed commitment to the business. You will become focused on the strategic aspects of the business rather than be subject to the tyranny of the urgent.

StratPro utilizes the Business Builder’s Blueprint™ the industry-leading business management platform.

The problem with most strategic planning projects is that a great plan is created but it is not properly implemented. The resulting plans are static, yet real business is dynamic. At TAB, we view a strategic plan as a dynamic effort. While a lot of the original plan remains in place, businesses operate in a dynamic environment and the plans need to reflect the latest information.

An additional challenge in other strategic planning efforts is that the plans and supporting information are scattered throughout Word documents and spreadsheets. The most important information to run a business is unorganized and fragmented.

StratPro was designed to use the Business Builder’s Blueprint (Blueprint) for these reasons. The Blueprint is both a business planning and execution platform. It realizes that the best plans are dynamic, and it makes it easy to update. It allows key employees direct access to the parts of the plan and the KPIs they are responsible for executing. It provides built-in accountability. The strategic plan and supporting information are in a single, secure, integrated, online system.

Before and after a StratPro Implementation

The following compares what a typical business is like before and after a StratPro implementation. Most organizations will not match all of the statements in the before column. However, most organizations, even if successful, are likely facing a number of the criteria in the before column. Even if an organization is successful, operating more along the lines of the after column is much more desirable. Moving from the before column to the after column involves not only implementing StratPro but also a leadership team dedicated to making the changes necessary to achieve the after picture.

Before StratPro

Effort is primarily spent on the “whirlwind”: urgent and not necessarily important activities

Before StratPro

StratPro’s “Business MRI” identifies key gaps and opportunities. As a result, effort is focused on more strategic activities.
Everyone is making best efforts but the organization is working toward individual and group objectives.
The organization has a clear vision that all team members understand, buy into and are working daily to achieve.
The culture of the business has developed organically. Often, the owner/leader is unhappy with the culture of their business.
A deliberate culture has been established based on shared values. Employees are hired, fired, promoted and compensated based on both job performance and adherence to values and culture.
Responsibilities of key staff are ill-defined. Redundancy of roles exist. Owner often works too hard and has not delegated most responsibilities to staff.
A well-defined accountability chart has been created. Responsibilities of all key staff are clear. Owner has delegated key tasks. The right staff are in the right seats.
The company’s value proposition is ill-defined. They can’t clearly explain how they are different and better than competitors.
Value to the customer is clear. Well-defined points of differentiation are specified. The Unique Value Proposition is written and compelling.
Decision-making process is vague. Key decisions may be undermined. Unresolved conflict exists between staff.
Professional communication. Improved decision-making process is employed. Conflict resolution tools in place. Consensus building is established.
Business is run tactically rather than strategically. The most important priorities are unclear. No strategic direction established.
Critical success factors defined. SMART Goals and well-defined Strategies established and fully accountable action plans developed.
Decisions are not made by tracking operating metrics. Annual financial budgets not used.
The right leading & lagging indicators are defined. Decisions are made based on KPI achievement.
Meetings are poorly run and usually viewed cynically by the staff. Poor accountability in the organization.
Leadership looks forward to professionally-facilitated meetings that help the business move forward, resolve issues and achieve accountability.

StratPro Workshops

StratPro Facilitators are not consultants but professionals who have walked the talk and have helped scores of business owners and leaders achieve their personal vision of success. StratPro time-tested process packages proprietary, proven business analysis and planning tools into workshops designed to show you how to get and keep your business or organization on track to maximize its potential.

You and your leadership team learn how to determine and create the right strategic plan for your organization, and to implement that plan with the accountability processes that ensure successful completion. The workshops can be done as often as every 2 weeks or at a pace that fits your organization. Each workshop follows a structured format, designed to solicit the best thinking of your leadership team. As the workshops progress, the leadership team is getting more aligned toward a common vision, with a concrete plan and process to get there.

Schedule an Introductory Workshop

While self-implementations of StratPro are possible, we recommend that interested business leaders meet with a StratPro Facilitator to learn more about professionally facilitated StratPro implementations.

We will schedule a free, 90-minute informational workshop with you. Whether you decide to go forward or not, you will receive value from this informational workshop.